The Institute

Vision & Mission of The Institute

Vision: A strong, dynamic and accountable trade union movement that promotes and defends social and economic justice, fairness and equality on the African continent.

Mission: A continent-wide trade union research and education powerhouse that capacitates and coordinates research and education activities for African trade unions to enable them to effectively input into policy discussions and actions for the benefit of Africa’s working people.

WageIndicator Foundation? What is it?

WageIndicator is a global network of journalists, economists, statisticians, trade unionists, employers who run together huge websites and databases in more than 92 countries. Its missions reads like:  More labour market transparency for the benefit of all employers, employees and workers worldwide by sharing and comparing information on wages, Labour Law and career. ITUC and WageIndicator cooperation together since 2008. WageIndicator has roots in the University of Amsterdam and Dutch Confederation of Trade unions - FNV. WageIndicator started in 2000. In allmost all WageIndicator operations around the world the trade unions are involved.

WageIndicator Operations in Africa

What is The Institute?

The Africa Labour Research and Education Institute (ALREI) is an autonomous research and education organ established by ITUC-Africa on the 1st of July 2014. The institute is expected to strengthen trade union work all over Africa through relevant and innovative research, training and education, and the dissemination of labour, economics and development related information. The strategic direction of ALREI takes shape guided by the following vision and mission.

Where is The Institute

The Institute is based in this Website - - and in Togo, Lome. 

Address: Route Internationale d’Atakpamé 

Centre FOPADESC Agoè-Nyivé - BP 4401LoméTogo,  Tel: +228-2250710