Minimum Wage – Professionals

  • Valid on mei 2019
  • The amounts are in Ethiopian Birr.

Grade and Skill Level

Starting Wage Per Month Ceiling Wage Per Month
Rank X - Level 1 1,499.00 2,351.00
Rank XI - Level 2 1,719.00 2,686.00
Rank XII - Level 3 1,968.00 3,066.00
Rank XIII - Level 4 2,249.00 3,499.00
Rank XIV - Level 5 2,570.00 3,985.00
Rank XV - Level 6 2,934.00 4,535.00
Rank XVI - Level 7 3,348.00 5,135.00
Rank XVII - Level 8 3,817.00 5,776.00
Rank XVIII - Level 9 4,343.00 6,460.00

Working hours

  • Days per week specified: 6.0
  • Hours per week specified: 48
  • As per Proclamation Number 515/2007, Article 32-regular working hours of civil servant shall be determined on the basis of the conditions of their work and shall not exceed 39 hours a week. This applies to all wage earners in the Civil Service. As per Proclamation Number 515/2007, Article 34- any civil servant who has worked overtime is entitled to compensatory leave or over time pay based on his preference.


Rank: Rank column shows Rank from where each service type starts.
Type of Services: The type of services including Guard and Laborers; Custodian; Clerks; Medium Professionals; Administrative; and Professionals are classified based on education levels. For Example:
Guard and laborers are those who can read and write (grade 1-4);
Custodian are from grade 5 and above;
Clerks include 10+2 or 10+3 and diploma in secretarial science and others;
Medium level professionals include those with education level Diploma and above;
Administrative includes those ones who graduated with BA degree in management, administration and personnel and the likes;
Professionals include those people with BA degree and above level of education.
Different levels designated by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are determined based on their years of service. That is, an employee with a job category of Guard and laborers with a zero year of experience is designated as Guard and Laborer 1. His levels will increase as his number of years of services increase.

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