Farm Workers are Suffering!

'Farm Workers are Suffering'! Farm workers are among the lowest paid in Zimbabwe, with many being paid below the Poverty Datum Line. Read more on Mywage Zimbabwe.

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By Wongai Zhangazha

Roses are very popular as a romantic gift. They are the most classic and symbolic representation of love, attention, and care. However, roses in Zimbabwe are too expensive for most people to buy. They also bring in a lot of revenue to farmers who export them.

However, the wages of those working on flower farms, and even those working on wheat, tobacco and maize plantations is often far below the Poverty Datum Line which is at $500.

In May it was revealed by Horticulture, General Agriculture and Plantation Workers' Union organising secretary Mr Lovemore Mhlanga that farm workers’ salaries in horticulture and general agriculture was very low.

Mhlanga pleaded with farm owners to review salaries and be grateful for the labour provided by their employees.

He said farm workers on A1 farms are currently earning US$32 a month, while those in horticulture, kapenta, timber and the agro-industry are earning US$50.

“We believe that their wages should be at a par with levels in other industries because farming is just another business.”

In some cases some farm workers can go for more than three months without receiving their salaries.
The plight of workers is increased by low wages, non-payment of wages, and poor living and working conditions.